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At our Centre, your child’s skills, abilities and personality develop in various environments. We have ensured that these environments are equipped with interesting Montessori objects and activities that invite the children to conduct their own experiences.
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Practical life exercises

The prepared environments are meant to enable independent learning and exploration with a lot of movement and activity at a child’s own pace. Practical life exercises give the children a taste of real life through simple purposeful daily activities like folding clothes, sewing buttons, braiding the hair, grating and cutting vegetables, rolling out dough, etc. These activities develop motor control and coordination, concentration and independence and a sense of responsibility.

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Sensorial experiences

It is important to provide as many sensorial experiences to a child of 2-6 years, as that is the period when s/he is most receptive to developing the senses. Our sensory environment is equipped with spices, perfumes, etc. to introduce the children to and enable them to differentiate between smells. Objects made of various materials and textures facilitate the development of a fine sense of touch. A large collection of auditory accessories and toys help the children recognise sounds, varying pitches, tones and loudness. We use colour tablets with various tones and shades of each colour to aid in visual recognition skills. Gustatory or sense of taste exercises are carefully avoided at the Centre as children may have food habit restrictions or food allergies.

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Counting and Arithmetic

In our Arithmetic environment your child manipulates, experiments and understands abstract concepts through concrete objects like rods, spindles, cards, beads, cubes and counters. By holding the ‘tangible number’ in their hand, the children comprehend and perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and even the basics of fractions.

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Language and literacy

The Montessori language and literacy programme is based on phonetics. Scientifically designed teaching aids like picture cards and movable letters help the child understand a letter and its sound. The language itself is introduced through concepts of sight words and so on. The children learn communication through conversational exercises, story-telling and reading. We also involve parents in a weekly Read To Me programme, wherein on Fridays the child takes home a weekend book from the library.

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Grooming and etiquette

In addition to the above regular Montessori sessions, we take a special interest in the grooming of the child with proper manners, dining and social etiquette. The Centre has on board a trainer certified in the Personal Grooming programme conducted under the aegis of Ms. Sabira Merchant – India’s top etiquette trainer.