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I love MY sCHooL.

Parent Testimonials

Rashmi Urs

Montessori is such an excellent environment for a child’s development and GMC and Play Home has been the best choice for my son. We believe our son will be benefited immensely from such an environment. The staff are very kind and love the personal relationship they have developed with the children and their families. It is amazing to see how children are encouraged to participate in various events. I am very happy and pleased to see my son’s involvement in such events. We are proud to be a part of GMC and Play Home and wish them all the very best and success in the years to come.

Sheetal Surana

Let me start by saying that I feel very proud to be part of the lovely school and excellent teachers including the principal who monitor the kids as these kids are so young which is not an easy task and show their best skills to build up kids career. Those colourful pictures are really beautiful and all the kids are looking so cute and sweet with there parents and teachers. The best thing in the images is that you are making them know the importance of the festival and those lovely kids are also learning as per the guidance and trying their best to do. And again thanks for the updates.

Aditya Shirolkar & Raksha Shirolkar

We received the school brochure yesterday. It's beautiful. It has all the valuable insights written in very personable & approachable way. If any parent inquires about school, I will definitely hand them this brochure. We are very happy & proud that Mrunal is a student of GMC & PH. Big thanks to all of you for mentoring her.

Savitha Vijayan

Students are given freedom to do their tasks independently, helping them improve their creativity and individuality. In addition to according individual attention to each student, practical and analytical teaching methods are used. Light music gives a soothing effect and classrooms are kept neat and tidy.

Lakshmi Chamarthi

The classroom atmosphere with good lighting is much appreciated and attention of teachers and staff towards the children is very good. I liked the kids discipline when we entered the room. Subtraction learning was really helpful with the Montessori material.

Sudha Nanda

First of all I need to thank u for calling me for an observation today. I seem to be the happiest mother today observing Koshal. I saw his perfection, discipline, sitting at one place for learning and for lunch, saying his prayers , trying to pronounce his words and so many things today. It was beyond my expectations. Even at home from a few days we can see improvements on a daily basis. All this is because of Global Montessori Centre. I still remember the day when I admitted him to the Global Montessori Centre where you promised me that "this is a perfect and different Montessori type of school and not like other schools, and that you will see the result after one year". You really did it ma'am. You made my son a TWINKLING STAR. My son went to three schools before coming here but THE BEST school is GMC&PH. Thanks to the best principal, teachers, and non teaching staff including the watchman. I am so proud today for getting my son join the for Global Montessori & Play Home and I wish you all the best to start higher classes soon.